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Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is an essential component of skin cancer detection and monitoring, especially for individuals with multiple moles or a higher risk of developing skin cancer. The FotoFinder ATBM Master utilizes advanced technology to facilitate accurate and efficient mole mapping. Here's an explanation of how the ATBM Master performs mole mapping.

High-Resolution Imaging

The ATBM Master is equipped with a specialized imaging system that captures high-resolution images of the skin surface. This imaging process is non-invasive and painless, ensuring patient comfort throughout the procedure.


Full Body Scanning

To create a comprehensive mole map, the ATBM Master performs a meticulous examination of the patient's entire skin surface. It captures images of all existing moles and other skin lesions, ensuring that no potential areas of concern go unnoticed.


Documentation and Analysis

The captured images are then stored and organized in a digital database. Each mole is documented with its precise location, size, colour, and other relevant characteristics. This documentation serves as a baseline for future comparisons and enables accurate monitoring of any changes over time.


Risk Assessment

The ATBM master’s software utilizes advanced algorithms to compare the current mole map with previous records. It automatically identifies and highlights any changes or new moles, assisting healthcare professionals in evaluating potential skin cancer risks and making informed decisions regarding further examination or treatment.


Image Comparison and Follow-Up

The ATBM master’s AI algorithms analyse the characteristics of each mole, such as size, shape, colour, and symmetry. By comparing these characteristics with established paterns and a vast database of known skin cancer cases, the system can provide a risk assessment for each mole. This assessment helps prioritize the monitoring and evaluation of moles that exhibit suspicious features.


Long-Term Monitoring

Mole mapping with the ATBM Master allows for long-term monitoring of moles and skin lesions. Regular follow-up appointments enable healthcare professionals to track any changes in the moles' appearance, size, or other characteristics. This proactive approach enhances early detection of potential skin cancer and improves patient outcomes.


Overall, the ATBM Master FotoFinder revolutionizes mole mapping by combining high-resolution imaging with advanced AI algorithms. By accurately documenting the location and characteristics of moles, it provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for long-term monitoring and early detection of skin cancer. With the ATBM Master, patients and healthcare professionals can work together to ensure proactive and personalized care for skin health.