Allied Health Services

Allied healthcare professionals, such as psychologists, dietitians, and physiotherapists, play a crucial role in comprehensive healthcare. Psychologists provide vital support for mental health and emotional well-being, helping individuals navigate challenges, develop coping strategies, and improve their overall quality of life. Dietitians offer expert guidance on nutrition and diet, promoting healthy eating habits and addressing specific dietary needs to optimize physical health. Physiotherapists specialize in movement and rehabilitation, helping patients recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and enhance their physical function. Together, these allied health professionals contribute to holistic care, ensuring that both the mind and body are nurtured for optimal health and well-being.

Allied Health Services we provide


Meet Kyrellos Kamel, a dedicated and compassionate physiotherapist specializing in pain management and musculoskeletal health. With a strong academic background and a genuine passion for helping patients, Kyrellos is committed to providing exceptional care and improving the well-being of individuals seeking relief from pain and mobility limitations. 

 Kyrellos journey in the field of physiotherapy began at Monash University, Melbourne, where he successfully completed his bachelor’s degree of  hysiotherapy with Honours in 2021. During his degree, Kyrellos developed a keen interest in pain management and musculoskeletal health. He is now currently studying Medicine at Bond University.

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