General Practice Specialists

Our Doctors are general practitioners who provide services in minor surgical procedures, childhood immunisations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, insurance medicals and pre-employment medicals, ECG’s and spirometry. In our clinic, we offer mixed / bulk billing medical consultations with our doctors. If you have any health-related inquiries or concerns, feel free to come and discuss such problems with our friendly and experienced general practitioners.

Our GP services include:

  • Family Medicine
  • Childrens Health
  • Men's & Women's Health
  • Vaccinations (Babies, Children, Adults & Travellers.)
  • Health checks for ages 45-49 years
  • Medicare eligible health checks
  • Diabetes Management & Annual Assessments
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical
  • Management of Chronic Conditions
  • Iron Infusions
  • Insurance & Pre-Employment Medicals
  • Aged Care

Tests and Care Plans

Dependent on your particular condition/s the doctor may need to check the functioning of your heart – using an ECG test, your lungs – using a spirometry test or examine for cardiovascular diseases – using an ABI. These tests are completed by our experienced nurses in the treatment room.

Moreover, the doctor may create a care plan for you as a treatment for whatever condition/problems you may have. A care plan is usually a multi-disciplined plan that reviews all of your health records and determines all of your health needs in order to achieve the desired health state for your specific condition. These plans often involve the referral to a range of different allied health professionals to achieve the desired outcome.

Telehealth Services

Our Runaway Bay medical clinic offers bulk-billed telephone consultations to all existing patients, whereby it operates very similar to a standard in person face-to-face medical consultation where your doctor will discuss any issues that you are experiencing.

Though, it the doctor finds it to be quite serious, they may request an in-person consult to procedure. Both referrals and imaging requests can be faxed or sent to your email or respective healthcare provider post appointment. Scripts will be left at reception desk to be picked up or directly sent to your respective pharmacy. Please be advised that a face-to-face consult is required for S8 medication repeats.